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CRETA is a multiverse game creation platform consisting of various universes with diverse worldviews. It’s an infinite multiverse where various worlds such as SF, fantasy, animation and more are gathered and harmonized. The multiverse continues to expand as new worlds, that have never been witnessed, are being included. These worlds will blend in within the multiverse, compete with each other and be motivated by the players to further develop into their more sophisticated worlds.


Various items such as heroes leading the battlefield, vast lands, detailed buildings, rare ships
and various equipments are converted into NFTs.


NFT Informations

These are only sample images. The actual NFT assets will be on sale soon.

CRETA Studio : Create Metaverse

Players create their own metaverse worlds in CRETA. CRETA Studio offers a variety of simple and convenient methods for players to create the world. This convenience is maximized through Auto Creation with AI support and a market where you can share works with other creators. In addition to items such as characters, buildings, and pets, you can create your own numerous contents and games that utilizes such items, trade them with other players, and continue your economic profit activities. CRETA is the true metaverse world created by players for the players.

CRETA Player : Enjoy Metaverse

Players around the world will enjoy CRETA:MV with other players. Players can enjoy endless contents across many different worlds with unique characteristics. These contents are provided by numerous types of creators, ranging from developing companies participating in the platform to small teams of developers and individual creators. There are always opportunities for players themselves to be the creators. Various contents of CRETA:MV, such as games, communities, and broadcasts, will provide endless entertainments without limits, which will correlate with the real economy to allow the potential of revenue for players and creators alike.

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